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Teacher Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions For Tutors effective from 16/07/2018

1. (A) Registration Charge: Nil            

    (B) Profile Deletion charges: 1000/- (INR) 

2. Commission (applied for all new tuitions provided by us or referred by any of our clients) 

      ·   First Month: 60% of one month's fee (for average no. of classes finalized with clients) or payment of minimum 6 classes which ever is maxmimum. We do not guarantee the durablity of any tuition. It's totally on tutor's quality and goodwill with clients.

      ·   Subsequent Months: -Nil-                                 ·   Subsequent Year:   60% of one month's fee           

      ·   Short term packages (crash courses, college level etc.):  35% of total amount received by any tutor in less than 2 months.

3. If any tuition provided to you continues for the next year (after completing one full year) or any new tuition provided/referred by OUR CLIENT, the tutor has to pay the commission as applied in condition no.- (2)

4. First month’s fees will be collected from the clients by Rana Educational Solutions Pvt. Ltd. (Harsha Home Tutors/ only or by tutor if allowed by us and should be paid to us within a week or can be paid online to Rana Educational Solutions Pvt. Ltd. account.

5. If any client calls a tutor after a gap of few days/weeks/months of the trial class then it’s the duty of the tutor also to update us about that.

6. When we provide any tuition to any tutor then you must please contact the client immediately and inform us about the developments as early as possible.

7. Teachers (tutors) are requested not to indulge in any activity other than tutoring such as taking money for admission in any college/ school/ institutions or any fraud proposal.

8. In case of any fraud by teachers (tutors) with any client or with Rana Educational Solutions Pvt. Ltd. (Harsha Home Tutors/ then we are free to take legal action against him/her.

9. Tutors are requested to please update us immediately about their present address and phone/mobile number if changed and are requested to provide your ID proof to clients if demanded by them.

10. Tutors are requested to be punctual and behave/talk/dress up as a Gentleman/lady while visiting to any client for trial or regular class. 

11. By filling online "Tutor Registration Form" you agree to follow all our terms and conditions and your acceptance could be used in ANY COURT UNDER DELHI JURISDICTION

12. Candidates have to upload or whatsapp scanned copy of following Documents (scan original documents)

       a). One coloured passport size photograph.

       b). Photo ID / Address proof (Voter ID / Passport / Aadhar Card).

       c). Present/permanent address proof (Both in case of  tenant or not a permanent resident of delhi)

       d). Last obtained educational qualification

Verification of Tutors: Login to your account on our website and upload your documents.


Rana Educational Solutions Pvt. Ltd.  (Harsha Home Tutors/ reserves the right to modify / add / delete any condition at any time.